We are looking for participants for the YOUTH EXCHANGE ‘Solidarity Activist Camp’

YOUTH EXCHANGE ‘Solidarity Activist Camp’ October 2016, 11th( arrival)-20th(departure) LITHUANIA  5 young people (18-25 years old) + 1 group leader (no age limit) per country  Person attending APV will have to attend as a group leader  All the other youth exchange information will be discussed during an APV in Lithuania Description of the project A growing link between anti-sectarianism and hat... »

Comic-star project started

In a partnership with German-Russian Exchange and with the support of EU-Russia Civil Platform, we started a program for youth to combat their daily problems and clonflicts using comic art as a tool. This is an international continuation of the ongoing “Respect” project – The meetings are held in the youth office of H52 and the particiapting youngsters are e... »