What a surprise! No equal opportunities in jobs for ethnic and religious minorities in Europe

For Black people, Roma, Muslims, migrants from non-EU countries, and women with a minority or migrant background living in Europe, discrimination is a major obstacle when looking for a job. Even once in employment, things don’t get better. This is the conclusion of ENAR’s 2012/13 Shadow Report on racism and discrimination in employment in Europe, released ahead of International Day Against Racial Discrimination. The Subjective Values Foundation is organising a round-table discussion with the experts of the report. Continue reading

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The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is on the 21st of March is to propagate the importance and necessity of the coexisting different cultures, to provide help in getting to know and accept each other and to commemorate to all those people who spent their whole lives with fighting against racism.

The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in 2014 is intending to use culture to show the things bringing people together instead of disconnecting us. The series of events will be free to visit, held at different locations in the central area of the Party District in Budapest city within a few corners distance from each other. The face of the events will Mr Varga Livius (band Quimby) while the band named Akkezdet Phiai will be the main attraction at the concert at the end of the day.

The program will be based on three major campaigns which will be connected by the fight against racism and the Subjective Values Foundation:

U-CARE –  has been created by the cooperation of eleven organisations from eight different countries. Their main task is to form an anti-racist and anti-discriminative approach through city culture, arts and media. Because of the involved people in the programs are the youth they are able pass these values to their own generation more ffectively than older people. They propagate the message of the U-CARE with workshops and different events addressing thousands of young European people.

No Hate Speech Movement – is a campaign initiated by the Council of Europe involving and mobilizing youth with various online and offline methods against online hate speech. The National Campaign Committee celebrates its one year existence and on the 21st of March, and we intend to call the attention on the dangers of online forms of racism and intolerance with an individual action week.

ENAR - The third campaign is connected to the report about racism and discrimination towards Romany and immigrant people on the labor market in Hungary issued by the ENAR (European Network Against Racism) and the two major campaigns (“Vote for diversity” and the coming EU Parliament elections related “Your vote can unite or divide”). The aim of the reports issued by the ENAR is to inform the decision-makers in all over Europe about the given situation.

To see the Anti-racism World Day program click on this link antirasszista-vilagnap-programfuzet

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Electoral rights of immigrants discussed in Malmö

A study visit and seminar on electoral rights of third country nationals, organized for 28 participants from 9 states  of Central and Eastern EU, took place in Malmö last week. Government,  municipal and immigrants´ association representatives were invited by the Organization for Aid to Refugees and Malmö University to learn from the Swedish experience in including immigrants into public and political life. The event, supported by the European Union, was a unique learning opportunity for Central and Eastern EU experts with a view to improve participation of immigrants in local election. Marcell Lőrincz from the Subjective Vaues Foundation shared the details of the Hungarian situation with the other participants. (The picture – Robert Rontó and James Peter were also participating at the meetings.)

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Azerbaijani and Hungarian Civil Society Cooperation

Foundation of Subjective Values has initiated a project to build a bridge between the civil societies of Hungary and Azerbaijan . Many NGOs both in Azerbaijan and Hungary will get the platform to share best practices on the fundamental rights.  Delegation of young leaders from Azerbaijan will visit Budapest in April this year.

The Head of Foundation of Subjective Values, Marcell Lorincz with Gunel Hajizada visited Azerbaijan in February. They met Mustafa Gurbanli, Head of the Department of the International Relations in CSSN Azerbaijan, Azer Abdullayev, Secretary General and Turkan Vusat gizi, Secretary of International Relations in IRELI partner organization and many other organizations operating in the relevant fields: NAYORA, APVU, ASAIF, AIESEC-Baku, AEGEE, AGAT and many others.

This project is carried out with the support of the Council of State Support to NGOs under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.



The Council of State Support to NGOs under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan





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Pálcikával Budapesten – Kalauz a fővárosi kis Kínához

Részletekért klikk ide

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Brussels, 27 January 2014 – Today is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Anti-racist organisations are seriously concerned about the prevalence of anti-Semitism in Europe and pledge to join forces to curb racism in European society, whoever the victims may be. 

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Emberi Jogok Világnapja

Dec 10 az Emberi Jogok Világnapja méltó megünnepléseként a No Hatespeech Mozgalom Kampány Bizottságának tagjaként a Szubjektív Értékek Alapítvány képviseletében részt vett az Európa Tanács Ifjúsági Központjában szervezett képzésen és partnerség építő találkozón. A résztvevők megismerkedhettek bővebben a Mozgalommal és a különböző eszközökkel, ahogy felléphetnek az online gyűlöletbeszéd ellen. Az Enar Hungary tagjaként fontosnak éreztük, hogy a nemzetközi jó gyakorlatok között bemutassuk az Enar tevékenységét is. A találkozók közös akcióval zártuk, ahol a résztvevők az Emberi Jogok Nyilatkozatából olvastak fel. Részt vettek a teljesség igénye nélkül: Háttér, AJBH, EMMI, Political Capital, Ökotárs, Polgári Platform, Tett és Védelem, Másság és megismerés, Facebook, Safer internet sé még sokan mások. A képzések anyagát érdeklődésre bárkivel szívesen megosztjuk!

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Az Emberi Jogi Akciónap _ No Hate Speech Mozgalom

Az emberi jogi akciónap alkalmából a No Hate Speech Mozgalom magyarországi Kampánybizottsága partnerség-építő találkozót szervez a gyűlöletbeszéd elleni fellépésben érintett szervezetek, szakemberek részvételével. Az esemény célja a közös gondolkodás, együttműködések kezdeményezése, erőforrások feltérképezése, a 2014-es évben partnerségben megvalósítható programok, folyamatok tervezése. Az Emberi Jogi Napon a rendezvényen részt vevőkkel együtt közösségi akciót is szeretnénk megvalósítani az Emberi Jogok Egyetemes Nyilatkozatáról.

Emberi Jogi Nap Meghívó Program


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Fostering political participation and policy involvement of migrants on 9 Central and Eastern EU countries

A new project started in 2013 November. The EU Integration Fund financed activity is aiming to increase electoral participation of immigrants – to make sure that immigrants with permanent resident permits have the possibility to be active in political life at local and regional level, and on the other hand that mainstream politics is not xenophobic and completely ignoring interests of the large part of population

We would also increase inclusion of immigrants in making decisions affecting them via participation in municipal and governmental advisory bodies – to make sure that decisions on local and national level affecting immigrants consider their view and problems communicated via advisory bodies on local and national level.



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Polgárok európai éve 2013

Az Európai Unió 2013-at a Polgárok európai évének választotta. Az idei tematikus év fő célkitűzése, hogy felhívja a figyelmünket arra, hogy uniós polgárként milyen jogok illetnek meg bennünket. A mindannyiunkat EU-szerte megillető jogokról bővebb információ itt található.”

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